Sunday, September 19, 2010


Have you tried BUTTER CREAM yet? If not, what are you waiting for? No, I am not talking about Butter Cream Icing, although add a little Chocolate & I’m there ;-)
I am talking about my #1 selling item for 3 years in a row…my Original and Authentic, All Natural BUTTER CREAM Skin Balancer and Eyelid Primer™!
Naturally infused with an SPF - A Super Multi Tasking Mineral you won’t want to be without! BUTTER CREAM has become so popular that I have had to offer foundation jar sizes in this amazing multi tasking mineral! As usual, BUTTER CREAM Skin Balancer and Eyelid Primer™ is also infused with some really wonderful soothing organic botanicals like Chamomile & Cucumber. The perfect ratio of healing minerals & calming botanicals is what sets BUTTER CREAM Skin Balancer and Eyelid Primer™ apart from the products you may have seen or have been prescribed by your doctor!
If you want to get away from the chemicals in prescribed medication to help calm & cover your rosacea, give BUTTER CREAM Skin Balancer and Eyelid Primer™ a try! I have many customers that have had severe rosacea say this is what they use to help calm & cover their skin! I have a few cancer patients going through chemotherapy that use BUTTER CREAM Skin Balancer and Eyelid Primer™ to cover imperfections in their face resulting from their chemotherapy as well. It’s wonderful because it is 100% natural, made from pure pharmaceutical grade minerals extracted from the earth & certified organically grown botanicals.
 I do recommend that you talk to your dermatologist before taking yourself off any prescribed medications; however, if you want a natural alternative to help cover your rosacea or other skin imperfections & want to give BUTTER CREAM a try, I will be happy to send your dermatologist a sample & additional information they may need to help you make an informed decision. Your dermatologist may advise you to use BUTTER CREAM in conjunction with your treatment. Please Note: BUTTER CREAM Skin Balancer & Eyelid Primer is NOT a medical treatment and should not be used as one!

Your eyelids naturally have purple or red tones, which can make your eyes look dull & tired. These tones can even create a different color on your eyelid when eye colors are applied. Have you ever wondered why your eye shadows or shimmers & glimmers look different on you than on the model in a picture or TV?

You may also experience small red or purple veins on your face, imperfections, or blotchy skin...BUTTER CREAM Skin Perfector is the answer! Even out your skin tone for perfect foundation application!

EARTH ANGEL MINERALS EYELID PRIMERS/SKIN BALANCER to the rescue! Our Eyelid Primer/Skin Balancer helps to solve this problem by providing a mono-toned base for your eyes. This preps your eyelid for the application of eye shadows & eye shimmers and allows the true shadow colors to come alive on your eyelid!

Our Eyelid Primers & Skin Balancers are opaque & creamy and can be used as an eye shadow base as well as a prep! They look very soft & natural when applied and prepares a nice canvas for your eyelid. Feel free to wear them alone if you just want something on your eye to even out the color and don't want a lot of color!

Perfect for everyday wear and has a natural SPF! This helps in protecting the delicate skin around the eyes!

You will be amazed at the results you receive from our Eyelid Primers!

BUTTER CREAM Skin Balancer & Eyelid Primer™ is available in several sizes, from Deluxe Samples to XXL Sized Jars! Very affordable! Click on the link to see what the buzz is all about!
Uses for BUTTER CREAM Skin Balancer & Eyelid Primer:

EYELID PRIMER:               
Place on entire eyelid from lash to brow to help neutralize your eyelid skin tone! BUTTER CREAM helps to brighten your eye area. Use as an all over base shadow too!

Pat or buff on your skin with a sponge or brush. Place anywhere you have any redness, blotchy skin or dark circles under the eyes to neutralize! For more intense coverage, use wet. BUTTER CREAM will help neutralize your skin tone to give you a balanced & perfect canvas to apply your foundation. Using BUTTER CREAM will help you to use less foundation because you do not have to layer foundation in certain areas to cover & conceal.
FASHION MODEL Makeup Tip:  You may also use BUTTER CREAM to pep up your makeup during the day if needed. Just brush a little all over your face to refresh & reset your makeup! I have a few fashion models that are using my BUTTER CREAM & this is a great tip I had from them!

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  1. Thank you!! I was looking for more in depth info on the Butter Cream!! This is great. I am working on placing my 2nd order with you this week. I am excited.

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    It’s wonderful because it is 100% natural, made from genuine artificial nutrients produced from the world & qualified naturally grown botanicals.